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Kennel Affix Application

Kennel Affix Application

do hereby apply to the Philippine Canine Club, Inc. for the exclusive use of the name

to be used as my/our kennel affix. I understand that approval of this kennel affix may be denied if it is similar enough to another local or foreign kennel affix it may tend to be misleading. If so, I/we submit the following names as second and third choices:

2nd choice
3rd choice

I/we have read the rules and regulations pertaining to the use of and effectivity of kennel affixes and understand the same.


Breeds for which this Kennel Affix will be used




It is suggested that your choice of a kennel affix be as simple as possbile, and that it more or less have one relevance to the breed to which it applies. Please remember that the names of the puppies cannot exceed twenty-seven (27) spaces and that the name includes the kennel affix.

The Kennel Affix is valid for a five (5) year period for a fee of P840.00 inclusive of VAT. The Kennel Affix can be renewed at the end of each five year period for another five years. A Lifetime Kennel Affix may also be applied for a one time fee of P3, 300 (Fees subject to change without prior notice VAT INCLUDED).

In a renewal, priority is given to the previous owner provided renewal is made within six months from expiration. After six months, the affix will be considered "abandoned".

No person may use another person's Kennel Affix without written consent of the owner and a copy of the consent submitted to the PCCI. Any Change in a kennel affix will be considered as an application for a new kennel affix and subject to the appropriate fee. The kennel affix of a suspended person cannot be applied for by another person for a period to be determined by the club.

Kennel Affixed cannot be obscene.